A word of warning…

Er, well, apparently doing a scenic pee on mountains in Malaysia can land you in prison. So, erm, don’t do that.


Fortunately the UK is more forward thinking with it’s mountain urination policies (unsurprisingly it doesn’t have one…). However, you should still have a good think about where you do it- Rob here urinating at the side of an A road in the Highlands probably doesn’t count. Rosie certainly doesn’t appear to think so anyway.


Bit nice out


Well, following the last post saying goodbye to winter here’s a nice springy one to welcome in the sunshine. This is Rosie allegedly urinating near Torridon. She claims she is also very naked.

The End of Winter


Well, the weather has started to get a bit nicer. There’s still snow on the hills, though, so as a hopeful last goodbye to winter here’s Harry weeing on a waterfall. Specifically this is Steall falls a couple of winters ago when they were completely frozen. Hopefully it’ll be a while till we see it like this again!

High Street Slashing


I went and rode my bike up on High Street on Monday and it reminded me of this scenic pee from up there back in 2013. I think this was taken by Rosie and while it looks like I’m weeing at great height into Haweswater below there is, fortunately, a big old gap between me and it. I don’t think I can force out a mile long stream….

Celebrity Scenic Pee


Not sure if you’ll have seen Top Gear last night but it starred a pretty bold scenic pee from Richard Hammond, seen here relieving himself on Wolf Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Not much of a stream, but I don’t think scenic peeing is really pre-watershed material so I’m sure they did the best they could. He was also worried about what would happen if a bear came along whilst he was doing it, a valid point- be careful of bears when you have your winkie out.