Setting the Standard


Firstly, apologies for it being so long- my seat at work has temporarily changed and I can’t get away with working on scenic pees because I have the whole office looking at my screen!

However, this was worth an exception- a female scenicpee submitted by Holly on her recent trip to Iceland. Stream. Views. Do we reckon this is the new standard?

A word of warning…

Er, well, apparently doing a scenic pee on mountains in Malaysia can land you in prison. So, erm, don’t do that.

Fortunately the UK is more forward thinking with it’s mountain urination policies (unsurprisingly it doesn’t have one…). However, you should still have a good think about where you do it- Rob here urinating at the side of an A road in the Highlands probably doesn’t count. Rosie certainly doesn’t appear to think so anyway.


Bit nice out


Well, following the last post saying goodbye to winter here’s a nice springy one to welcome in the sunshine. This is Rosie allegedly urinating near Torridon. She claims she is also very naked.