A pair of piddlers.



This pair of piddlers are Tom and Jon from What Mountain Bike magazine. It’s submitted by Seb from MBUK magazine, and it’s cryptically identified as “on a Lake District Pass”- which probably means it has great bike riding but isn’t strictly legit. I’m intrigued.

Social Weedia



We finally have 100 followers on instagram. It’s taken a while, who’d have thought pictures of people urinating wouldn’t be so popular? To celebrate here’s a shot from @sam_holdsworth90. No, it’s not Norway, it’s just off Fort William during the mountain bike world cup!

Forked up.



Here’s a shot of Tom in the western highlands of Iceland, 15km west of þingeyri on the launch for Lauf’s new bicycle suspension fork. Which is why his bike looks like it’s on the piss too.