Water, water, everywhere

DSC03275 copy

This is a photo of submitted by Huw Oliver from just off the Nan Beild Pass in the Lake District. It’s a wonderful place to be, but with two lakes on the route there is enough water about to summon an urge to urinate, leading to this scenic pee.

Spoiling the water supply.


It may look like Izaak here, who submitted this lovely photo of himself with a good, strong, stream from Snowdon, is weeing into a lake. Fortunately, he’s not- the lake is not small, it is just far away.

Top tip if you want to keep scenic pees scenic- don’t wee into any lakes, streams, rivers etc. It’s bad wilderness urination etiquette.

Lecture over, keep urinating!

Icy wees


It’s about time we had a good streamer on Scenicpees again. This frankly stunning picture has been submitted by Huw. It’s a photo of him taking a slash on a pile of rocks in Iceland, and it looks really rather lovely don’t you think. Not sure why he’s wearing girl’s shorts though.