Shorter days and longer nights…

DSC_0457 (1)

As the days grow shorter these stunning sunsets are becoming easier to wee in front of. This submission is from Andrew in Derbyshire of one of his riding buddies urinating onto some climbers on Froggatt Edge in the Peak District.

I’ve also had an e-mail from Tom Adams about our Throwback Tuesday post- apparently that photo is him on top of Glencoe Ski Centre. Thanks Tom!

Self timer slash


This is Rick from Monmouthshire, braving that most tricky challenge- capturing a scenic pee with only 10 seconds from camera button press to run to your position, undo your shorts (or stop them falling down if you have done it in readiness), get the tools for the job out and then summon a stream. This is a valiant effort and a great way for the shy to get a scenic pee done.

World Heritage Wees


This is my good self on my holiday to Dorset a week or two ago. In the background is Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast. What’s exciting about this is that it’s a World Heritage Site, and I don’t think we’ve had a photo of someone weeing on a World Heritage Site before. Any more are welcome!

Social Equality on


As it’s been two weeks since the last post, it’s time for something special. Harry from Slovenia has submitted- brace yourselves- a female scenic pee.

“And this is a girl pissing in some lavender, in┬áLagrasse in France. She is called Jenny and she is from Scotland.”

While I appreciate the effort, it does break most of the rules of the scenic pee- no stream visible at all. This could just be a girl sat in some lavender. So, while it does set a precedent for female scenic pees it does set the bar good and low for any girls wishing to turn their hand (?) to relieving themselves in stunning places. Go out there and do better, ladies.