High Street Slashing


I went and rode my bike up on High Street on Monday and it reminded me of this scenic pee from up there back in 2013. I think this was taken by Rosie and while it looks like I’m weeing at great height into Haweswater below there is, fortunately, a big old gap between me and it. I don’t think I can force out a mile long stream….

Celebrity Scenic Pee


Not sure if you’ll have seen Top Gear last night but it starred a pretty bold scenic pee from Richard Hammond, seen here relieving himself on Wolf Mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Not much of a stream, but I don’t think scenic peeing is really pre-watershed material so I’m sure they did the best they could. He was also worried about what would happen if a bear came along whilst he was doing it, a valid point- be careful of bears when you have your winkie out.