Welcome back to scenicpees.com

After a bit of a hiatus, scenicpees.com is once again purveying pictures of pees in perfect places.


Please submit any scenic pees you have using the Contact Us form below.


For now, here’s Harry and his moustache off Sail in the Lake District.


Harry, Sail, Lake District, November 2013

Harry, Sail, Lake District, November 2013


If you fancy donating £2 to join team scenicpees.com to help cover the cost of the site, in return for a sticker for your bike/car/mountaineering hat/ice axe, the right to enter races and events as part of team scenicpees.com and a donation to Mountain Rescue Scotland please contact us at the form below.


2 thoughts on “Welcome back to scenicpees.com

  1. Reblogged this on Topofests and commented:
    It’s been too long since we got to appreciate beautiful scenery from beneath the arc of another person’s urine, too long since amateur photographers have risked damage to their camera and pride from wayward splashback! Scenicpees.com is back with a vengeance for more wonderful weeing and picturesque pissing – why travel to exotic locations when you can sit back and watch someone else take a leak on them?

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