We have competition…

Wilderness Wees Small

This submission comes from Mike Wilson, owner of http://www.inspiring-riding.co.nz/ which is a pretty cool site for his magazine Journey, which is like The Ride Journal, about adventures.

You can purchase his next issue (or that and all the back issues) through his crowd funding site. 


Enough plugging, more peeing, here’s what Mike has to say about this photo. It seems he was planning on creating a rival for scenicpees.com (although we have since agreed that the marketplacefor photos of people pissing on beautiful things is full- “I think I’ll leave the weeing in the countryside market all to you for now”)-

“Hi! I’ve just found your site and it’s great. I’ve threatened for some time to launch a site called Wilderness Wees and have gathered a fair collection of shots of mates while on adventure rides for journey-magazine.com – a mostly print journal about cycling.

I’ve uploaded one of the more scenic ones I can find at the moment. It’s of my friend Paul Smith – co-founder of our magazine having a pee at Poolburn Dam, Central Otago in New Zealand.”

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